Mike MJ Harris

About me

I'm the technical lead at Royal Academy of Arts. Across various roles over the years I've worked with a wide range of technologies - specifically Node, Java, PHP and Ruby along with various frontend frameworks such as Angular and React. Happy doing infrastructure work (ansible/chef) or wrangling YAML and docker for pipeline work. I'm equally happy across all parts of the stack - for fun though I love playing with SVG and CSS

On tuesdays I help organise Techrunners. We go on weekly jogs around mainly East London and enter the odd race. Come and join us!

Outside of work I do a variety of mentoring - both 1-1 or giving talks at coding schools. Generally happy to answer all well intentioned requests. If you are looking for a more regular mentoring then feel free to message and I'll let you know how my schedule is. Can also intro you to others who may be able to help.